Accolades for Her Story!

We’ve been offering Her Story as an alternative to Louisa’s Walk for around ten months now and we continue to be humbled by the privilege of helping to tell the women’s story.  Louisa’s Walk tells the whole story and Her Story focuses on  just the Female Factory part (though a different woman’s tale).  Her Story makes a great alternative for those who have limited time as it takes just forty five minutes, whereas Louisa’s Walk takes nearly two hours.  Her Story is also more suitable for those who are unable to walk or stand for long periods.

We were very thrilled to receive via our Facebook page the following post today:

Hi Chris and Judith. I had the privilege of experiencing “Her Story” on Sunday (28-10-11)……. On arrival at the female factory I had no idea what I was going to witness or the impact it would have on me ….. Mary’s story is so tragic and yet so compelling… are amazing story tellers !!!! I came away feeling that I somehow knew Mary and that her story is such an important part of every Australian that it needs to be told. Thank you for giving Mary and the women unfortunate enough to find themselves on the wrong side of those dreadful walls a voice………it is a testament to you and your art that these women and children will not fade and that their struggle to survive in a harsh new, unforgiving and unfriendly world will affect many lives so long after they are gone. My friends and I (5 women) laughed and joked that our weekend away would have seen us locked up for an indefinite period if time for all the laughing we did !!!! But the urge I had to thump the overseer was very real and gave me and very real feeling of dread that I indeed would have not been at that site as a mere visitor…….. I WILL be back, and I WILL bring my daughters……..thank you so much for an amazing experience.

Thank you!


Teh Crime Yard

Mary James Tells Her Tale in Her Story.

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