Announcement of Federal Funding to Cascades Female Factory Site.

Today was an important day for the Cascades Female Factory; the site was granted over three hundred thousand dollars from Federal Funds for ongoing development and refurbishment works.

We, at Live History Productions had been asked to present a short excerpt from our daily performance of Her Story.  We were more than happy to agree to this.

We finished our normal Her Story performance and then went straight over to join the likes of Barry Jones, Lisa Singh, Julie Collins, Tony Burke, Steven Large, Julie Henderson and sundry other people to witness the announcement.  But before the formalities, we wandered over the whole site and inspected the great work that has been undertaken in Yard Four.  If this is an example of things to expect in the future, we can be assured that the Cascades Female Factory will be developed sensitively and intelligently.

Our excerpt went well – Chris is able, in character, to boss VIP’s around and it’s great fun!  The Mercury took lots of photos afterwards so we might be buying  our local rag tomorrow!  Thanks to Mike Severs for these photos.

Us Strutting our Stuff.

We Perform at the Federal Funding Event.


Barry Jones Confers with Tony Burke

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