Birthday Coincidence?

I sometimes wonder if the success of Louisa’s Walk is that it is so personal and, at the end, we come out of character and really get to know our audience members?  It means so much more than just walking away, after receiving some applause.  We do engage people’s emotions on Louisa’s Walk and, having experienced quite an intense roller coaster of feelings, it is good to spend some “ordinary time” coming “down” afterwards.

Last Monday, April 23rd was Chris’s birthday (yes, it is also Shakespeare’s and perhaps that is where Chris gets his writing skills from?).  We had no advance bookings for Louisa’s Walk so, having performed Her Story for a good group in the morning, we decided to go and have a look at a textile exhibition at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (what a gem these are – I  always forget how lovely).  We loved the exhibition and our dear friend, Ros Minchin’s wall hanging/quilt was the standout for us; we would have bought it but where would we have put it? Then we had a delightful lunch on the verandah.

The next day it was back to work and, after Louisa’s Walk was over and we were having our “de-brief”  I happened to mention that the previous day had been Chris’s birthday.  One by one, four members of our audience (of ten) came forward and said ” Really? It was my birthday too!”  I am not an expert in statistics but surely this was a huge co-incidence?  I hope they all had as happy a day as Chris?

A Shared Birthday.

Four out of Ten people Share a Birthday on Louisa's Walk!


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