The Sheep’s Back at Henry Jones.

Live History performed a command performance of our forty five minute show The Sheep’s Back at a private apartment at Henry Jones Art Hotel today.
We had been asked to do this to help celebrate a 64th wedding anniversary; a unique gift from the family.
What a wonderful idea to give an experience instead of material presents!
With its backdrop of stone walls the apartment made a very appropriate setting for the show which profiles the life of a shearer and his wife in the year 1895.

Tom the Shearer



A Private Performance of The Sheep's Back

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The True Meaning of Easter

Seen in the sky above the Cascades Female Factory yesterday.

Thank you Pilot!

The Cross Equals Love.

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Our First Harriet @ Hadleys

Harriet @ Hadley’s!
The beautiful Atrium at Hadley’s Orient Hotel was a perfect setting today for Harriet Bayly of Runnymede to meet an unexpected guest – Roald Amundsen fresh from his success in being the first to reach the South Pole!
We had a large group from Expanding Horizons from Adelaide in Hobart for the Wooden Boat Festival. This was our first booking for this new play Harriet @ Hadleys and we hope it will be the first of many. It was a perfect fit for the Festival with its tales of birth at sea and adventures in the Antarctic.
Fridays and Saturdays @ 2pm.
Bookings Essential.
Phone Hadley’s on 03 6237 2999


Harriet with Her Maid, Grand Daughter, Holly!

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Descendants at the Female Factory.

In the over twelve years we have been telling a convict woman’s story (first Louisa Ragan and now, Mary James) we have met many descendants of those early convict women.

Today, we had the pleasure of taking Jan Hutchings  (nee Cato) on Her Story.  William and Elizabeth Cato were a Supervisor and Assistant Matron back in 1831.

Jan found Her Story extremely moving and will encourage other members of her family to come and visit the Cascades Female Factory.

Do you have a female convict ancestor  or connection with this World Heritage Site?

Jan Hutchings (nee Cato)


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The Old School Lives Again.

Once again Grade 3/4 teacher Elvira Paternoster invited Live History to bring the Old School to her lovely students at New Town Primary School.

The school is fortunate enough to be able to walk up to the old Sunday School building at the Orphan School complex, to use as their 19th century classroom.

Students dressed in the costume of the time and arrived fresh from “collecting eggs and milking cows” carrying buckets and baskets.

They were quiet as mice as the day opened with the Lord’s Prayer and God Save our Gracious Queen. Times tables were recited and copy book work was done.

Afterwards Mrs Hughes was presented with an apple for the teacher and a bouquet of flowers.


Thank you New Town Primary!

An Apple for the Teacher and Flowers.

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Back in Hobart.

After a wonderful four months in Outback Queensland performing our new show The Sheep’s Back we are back performing at 12 noon daily at the Cascades Female Factory.  It didn’t take long to re-learn our sctripts – the brain is a wonderful organ!

We have been very busy taking schools this week – Her Story is so suitable for any age group from Grades 3 onwards.  Students love this interactive and informative way of learning about life in the Female Factory.

We are excited to be able to offer our wonderful show The Sheep’s Back down in Tasmania.  Classic Australian verse from the pens of Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson plus the fascinating history surrounding sheep and shearing makes a unique entertainment. Perfect for dinner or coach groups and for secondary school students.

Tom the Shearer with his wife Kathleen.

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The Sheep’s Back Performs at a Theatre Restaurant

Delightful Table Decorations!

Live History performed their The Sheep’s Back Show at a Theatre Restaurant venue for the Longreach Uniting Church last Saturday September 10th.  With 60 tickets sold the historic Edgely Hall was packed.  The hall had been decorated with hessian, wild lamb’s tails in old enamel jugs and hanging gum branches. It looked very “on theme”. Table Centres were tiny sheep balanced on equally tiny wool bales some people are so clever!

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Zoe’s Birthday Party at Runnymede.

Zoe Roberts has always loved the beautiful old house at Runnymede so when her mother asked Harriet if she could adapt Take Tea with Harriet for her ninth birthday party  of course Harriet said “Yes”.

Eight beautifully dressed girls arrived to Take Tea with Harriet last Sunday February 14th. After a rousing game of Oranges and Lemons we all sat down to tea,scones,anzacs and delicate cucumber sandwiches (yes of course with the crusts cut off!).

Charlie carried in the lit birthday cake and Zoe did a good job of blowing out the candles.

After a visit to see the scrimshaw made by Harriet’s father the girls were all presented with a lavender bag from Harriet’s garden and they went out to play.

A birthday party with a difference?

Zoe Roberts Blows Out Her Candles.

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Families on Her Story


It’s peak tourist season in case you hadn’t noticed? BIG groups are coming on Her Story everyday at 12 Noon including lots of family groups. Our actors are skilled at involving children and drawing them into the story.

Elijah, pictured, was a little young to appreciate Mary James’ story but he was so quiet for the 45 minute performance, nestled in his mother’s arms!

A Lovely Baby on Her Story with his Mum.

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19 Blue Our Self Contained Holiday Cottage Close to Hobart.

We do try to spoil our guests at 19 Blue! We provide breakfast ingredients for your first three mornings and these include fresh eggs from our own chooks known as The Alices ( mainly because we can’t tell them apart and they live in Alice’s Palace). We get plenty of greens from our wonderful, local, Hill Street Grocer so the yolks are dark orange. Come and experience our hospitality at 19 Blue.

The Alices in their Palace

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