Fledgeling Swallows

We have been watching with great interest the nest of swallows in the iron structure at the Cascades Female Factory.  We regularly get dived on as the parents try to protect their young from us, the marauding actors!

Yesterday I saw one of them learning to fly.  Today, on this very cold day, the three young birds were wise enough to stay in their cosy mud nest!

Can you just make them out?

Three Young Swallows - Staying Warm in their Nest.

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A Blessing in Disguise!

A few weeks ago I flooded the bathroom at our lovely Holiday Cottage 19 Blue.  I left the tap running for hours!  The doors on the wash basin unit didn’t like it very much and swelled up in protest.

No problem, Nathan Ransley at Turning Point Woodworks came to the rescue and today Chris fitted our beautiful new doors.  Made from Tassie Oak they look MUCH better than the old melamine ones!

New Doors at 19 Blue.

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Harriet’s Command Performance!

Harriet Bayly the whaling captain’s daughter gave a command performance  at the beautiful National Trust Tasmania property, Runnymede today.

Peter Robey of Lachlan had his parents visiting from Brisbane; having experienced Live History Hobart’s other plays, Peter and his family very much wanted to meet Harriet at Runnymede but she was fully booked.   Oh no – Linta and Bob were leaving the next day!

A quick call from Peter had Harriet promising a special performance of Take Tea with Harriet just for them.

And what a delightful family they were…………………………..

The Robey Family at Runnymede.

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Still Basking!

We are feeling so proud and affirmed after our People’s Choice win at the Tasmanian Tourism Awards last Friday.  All those years of work, sometimes taking Louisa’s Walk out for ONE person in the early years!

Now Her Story has taken over from Louisa’s Walk and it more than fills the gap PLUS it’s less stressful on our bodies (and our audiences).  Walking and standing for 2 hours in ALL weathers is taxing and takes its toll.

Her Story is just 45 minutes and set within the confines of the Cascades Female Factory walls.  Question time and getting to know you after – just like on Louisa’s Walk!

Frocked Up for the Awards Night!


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We Win the 2015 People’s Choice Award!

Last night at the Tasmanian Tourism Awards we won the coveted People’s Choice Award for our wonderful strolling play, Louisa’s Walk!

We feel so proud.  Our thanks go to all our supporters, the many actors who have performed with us over the years and to YOU all the people who voted us the best experience in Tasmania!

The Beautiful Huon Pine Award

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Zoes’ Thank You Letter.

Take Tea with Harriet, transports guests into a gentler world; one of starched napkins, bone china and thank you letters – do you remember those?

As  a child, I remember the excitement of Christmas Day gifts being clouded by  the anticipation of having to write all those thank you letters – my Mother insisted!

She was also fond of the maxim “Manners maketh man”.  Now, as a mature woman myself, I totally agree with her.

It was such a wonderful surprise to receive the most beautifully crafted letter from Zoe Young whose delightful family visited Take Tea with Harriet at beautiful Runnymede recently. Zoe and her sister dressed up to visit Harriet and Zoe was so inspired by Harriet’s singing and her autoharp she tells me she is going to learn to play one herself.

Zoe Writes Harriet a Letter.

The Young Sisters Visit Harriet at Runnymede.

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Take Tea with Harriet – a Winner with Children!

When Live History first started Take Tea with Harriet at beautiful Runnymede we thought it wouldn’t be suitable for children.  How wrong could we be?  The afternoon tea, hosted by the personable Harriet telling tales of her  birth on a whaling ship to the moment when she sings a sea song, accompanied by her auto harp, leaves children enchanted!

This week Judith entertained her ten year old grand – daughter Sophina who declared the experience “Brilliant”.

Today Harriet had 7 guests to afternoon tea and two of the most charming were Izzy and Zoe who had dressed for the occasion………………..

Zoe and Isabel Dressed For Afternoon Tea.

Harriet's Tea Table Awaits Her Guests.

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New Deck at 19 Blue Attracts Parrots!

We have a new deck at our Holiday Cottage at 19 Blue.  It was made, yet again, by that amazing father and son team at Turning Point Woodworks.

I went up this morning to turn on the hot water for guests arriving today and what should I find in the Banksia tree and on the pergola over the deck – Black Mountain Parrots enjoying the tasty seeds from the Banksia.

Black Mountain Parrot in Flight.

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Students and Swallows

The  Welcome swallows have returned and they have made a nest in the iron structure of the Cascades Female Factory – we get swooped on as we begin Her Story as they attempt to drive us away.  We think they have returned to the same beautifully made mud nest?  Does anyone know if they do return to previous year’s nests?

Today was only 10 degrees after a mild 22 degrees yesterday – the vagaries of living on an Island!  Nothing daunted Rokeby Primary School’s visit to Her Story though and we were fairly lucky with the weather – the hail came later in the day!

Rokeby Primary kids were so great – Connor voted Her Story “The best performance in the Universe” – aw shucks! Her Story brings His-Story to life for school students.

Mary James is told to "Wait Here and Keep Your Mouth Shut!"

The Welcome Swallow's Nest is Up On the Steel Girder at the Female Factory.

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The Old School at Fairview Primary.

The Old School Goes to Fairview Primary..

Live History visited Fairview Primary School this morning to help two Grade Two Classes and one Grade Three Class to experience a thirty minute lesson from the year 1860!
Students and Teachers dressed up to help them feel the part and, as soon as the school bell rang out,  in they marched – “Straight backs please”! “No talking Boy!”
One teacher wished they were as quiet in her normal class!  BUT times have changed have they not?

The Old School Showing Students How it Was Then.......

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