Children and Louisa’s Walk

I have often stated that children seem to love Louisa’s Walk and we love them!  The change to a four term year here in Tasmania has made a difference to tourism operators and we, at Louisa’s Walk/Her Story have taken many families  through our experiences in the last week or two.

Most recently three families enjoyed sharing Louisa’s journey and all had delightful children – one of them was Imogen.

She was one of those lovely, confident young girls, very self-possessed – she even volunteered in the Crime Yard to tell the Overseer that the women were being beaten (this takes courage given the scary persona of the Overseer!).

On the way back up to the top of the Cascades, she offered me a fuchsia flower she had picked and gave me a hug, I thanked her and placed it on top of my basket intending to bring it home and put it in water to remember this delightful child.  However, on the bridge over the Hobart Rivulet, a gust of wind came and blew it away.  I apologised to Imogen and told her I’d have to remember her in some other way.

After we had come out of character and were having our Show-and-Tell time at the top of the Cascade Gardens, she presented me with a piece of bark upon which she had written her name.

Thank you Imogen – now that is a treasure that will keep!

Imogen's bark

A Memory of Imogen


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