Children Love Bells!

The Louisa’s Walk actors are very skilled at involving children, during the performance, to keep them engaged and we take every opportunity we can to draw them further into the story.

One of these places is during the Chapel scene when The Doctor is explaining what goes on there:

“At five o’clock the bell is rung, at half past five all waste tubs are to be out of the cells at six o’clock muster: when the wool is weighed in and the previous day’s yarn is weighed out.  At seven o’clock the rations are weighed out for breakfast.  At eight o’clock breakfast is served.  At half past eight, prayers.  And after prayers, work……….. all expect  those women in the solitary dark cells, of course.”

One of our wonderful male actors  will choose a child to be the Bell Ringer and that child must ring the bell at a nod from The Doctor.  Yesterday, Colin chose a tiny little girl who couldn’t have been more than four year’s old; she was so enthusiastic in her bell ringing it was a wonderful sight to see.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep a straight face on Louisa’s Walk.

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