Dark Mofo Rocks!

A brilliant, clear  night made a stunning backdrop to Dark Mofo’s installation Spectra balanced by a nearly full moon.  Hobart’s night sky has rarely looked more spectacular.

We had been asked to provide story telling at one of the fire pits  at the winter feast (sort of like the Taste of Tasmania but in winter).  We went straight down from our afternoon performance of Louisa’s Walk.  There were five fire pits and three had performers scheduled to appear around them.  The timetable was tight as the sound and light installation running through Salamanca’s trees was digitally timed to come on at regular intervals.

We had spent what spare time we could trimming our production of Her Story to fit our allotted twenty minute spot at 5.30 and again at 6.55.  The first time we had a lovely group  around our fire pit and we wanted to perform without mikes – it was okay but – we felt that our voices got lost in the crowd.  The second show we used mikes and although it felt strange to be holding them when we are so used to performing and moving freely, the sound was much better.

What a buzz and what a success.  Well done MONA and here’s to many more Dark Mofos.

Performing Around a Firepit at Dark Mofo.

Dark Mofo Warms Hobart's Winter.

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