Excellent Customer Service.

The time leading up to Christmas is always a bit up and down but we have been very steady during December. Some people take a quick pre-Christmas holiday before heading home to what can be, a very busy family time. Perhaps they are pre-charging their batteries?
We’ve had a good week, Samuel McClellan from Great Expeditions brought two of his clients on Louisa’s Walk on Wednesday. They also had baby Akbar in a push chair. Samuel had asked us whether it was appropriate to bring a young child on Louisa’s Walk and we had responded, as we always do, with some reservations! You don’t expect to take a young child out with you to the theatre and Louisa’s Walk is a theatrical experience. So, we had said that baby Akbar could come but only if one of the parents was willing to take him out of earshot if he started to be a distraction. Fair enough?
Akbar lasted until the “Magistrate’s Bench” when he started to whimper. Quick as a flash Samuel wheeled him away and we hardly saw him for the rest of the show! His parents Jenny and Kharim were able to enjoy Louisa’s Walk thanks to Samuel’s baby sitting service which, apparently, he provided when they were down at Port Arthur too.

Is it any wonder that Great Expeditions is chasing us on the Must Do’s on the TripAdvisor web site? Samuel gives extraordinary service and deserves his placing. I feel very proud when I see excellent customer service like this. It is one hundred per-cent professional and walks the extra mile. This is why visitors should flock to Tasmania to sample this personalised service. Well done Samuel and thank you for enabling us to give a good performance for the rest of the group.

We had another example of good customer service today. We just had a small group of five (strange how relative things are, a year or two ago that would have been a normal sized group!). All five audience members were engaged in Louisa’s story and were a pleasure to take on our journey. We were just standing, chatting after the show when Barbara and Ann drove off. “Stop” Chris called “You have a flat tyre”. The ladies looked downcast (as I would have been, I know how to change a tyre in theory but where do you put the jack thing and how do you screw those wheel nuts off!). Chris and Pete, one of our other audience members, to the rescue, and the spare tyre was in place and the ladies driving off, all smiles, in record time. Small business, personal service it’s what Tasmania can offer. Happy Christmas!

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