Her Story is Performed in Irish Prisons.

In my last post I told of our visit to Ireland and the performance of Her Story at the Mansion House.  Afterwards, when we were mingling over drinks and nibbles with our audience, we were introduced to the Governor of Arbour Hill, Liam Dowling.  Arbour Hill is a high security prison for men in Dublin.  Liam was so impressed with Her Story he asked us if we would be prepared to do a repeat performance at his prison and that the female prison, Dochas would enjoy it too!

We agreed to cut our intended stay over on the west coast short by a day and on the following Friday we performed Her Story in both prisons.  The applause after the performance at Arbour Hill was deafening, so much so that I  asked if we could record it!

Over lunch with the Governor we learned that Arbour Hill is a model of its type and that men from there (mainly sex offenders and paedophiles) rarely re-offend.  Then, with Mark O’Brien as our guide and escort we were driven over to the female prison.

The experience at Dochas was different again but so warmly received.  Afterwards we were shown around the facility and met Sharon (not her real name).

I shall always remember the tears in her eyes as she told us how moved she had been by our performance.  Her Story was her story in that she had born a child within the prison that had been taken away after one year.  She leaned forward to tell us that she didn’t have long to go when she would be re-united with her son (now five). ” How long?” we asked.  “Eighteen months” she replied.

How incredible that a story which tells of long ago should resonate with modern day prisoners.  Nothing much changes does it?

Her story at Arbour HIll

We Perform Her Story in an Irish Prison.Her Story Performed at Dochas

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