History Comes to Life with Live History Productions.

A quick look at the pages offered on this web site, will tell you that we do more than bring the Female Convict story to life. Though Louisa’s Walk is the main stay and flagship of our business, Live History, and the school’s version becoming very popular amongst teachers who want to make history live for their students, we offer more. Visit Live History Productions and you will see that we can be commissioned to research, script and perform any topic of historical interest at any venue. Yes, of course we dream of being flown to an exotic tropical island to bring its history to life but – this is the real world! To date we have a half-dozen or so plays ranging from five minutes to half-an-hour which have all been written by Chris and which we have performed at locations from Oatlands to Dodges Ferry. Sometimes, as was the case with Ticklebelly Tales or Wild Oatsland, we have employed other actors to swell the cast but, usually it’s just us.

Our latest commission is to open the, Arts Society of Tasmania Exhibition at the delightful Ancanthe Gallery in Lenah Valley, Hobart, on 1st October. This Exhibition is, specifically, to display the works of new members. The Ancanthe Gallery was built by Lady Jane Franklin in 1842 its name means “blooming valley”. She built it as a museum and it is shaped like a little Greek temple. This was Lady Jane’s attempt to inject some spirit into what she termed “the cultural indifference of Van Diemens Land”. Since her departure in 1843, the building has had various uses until being handed over to the Hobart City Council and it is now the official home of the Arts Society of Tasmania – which would, I think, meet with Lady Jane’s approval.

Appropriately enough, Chris and I have been asked to open the October Exhibition as Sir John and Lady Jane; Chris has written a charming little skit so we can carry out our duties in character. Most of the characters I play in our other plays (and certainly as Louisa) are poor or convict women so, this time, I had to hire a costume. Fancy Francis in South Hobart kitted me out well and were also able to supply Chris with a morning coat that fitted. We will more than look the part on the 1st! For photos taken at the publicity shoot please visit our Live History Productions page!

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