Hobart Tourist Attraction – for Families?

We often receive queries from families asking whether Louisa’s Walk is suitable for children? We answer with a resounding YES, if your children are at least six or seven. Trawling through some of our wonderful TripAdvisor reviews today, I was struck by the number of comments, from parents, saying how wonderful their children had found the experience of Louisa’s Walk to be. In my opinion, the ideal age would be ten or eleven upwards but, it’s amazing how even quite young children can access the story, especially if someone does some simple explaining, as the story unfolds, & a certain amount of background is given before we start.

I remember, as a child, attending a school, near York, in the UK where we were fortunate enough to have a pupil whose father was the curator of the Castle Museum. Those who are familiar with the Castle Museum, will know it has a wonderful Victorian Street, complete with carriage, rows of shops and cobblestones. I loved that street! On one occasion, I was lucky enough to be chosen to take part in a period fashion parade, where we paraded down the catwalk wearing precious Victorian dresses – a little girl’s dream! This was history come alive! My secondary school experience was less vivid, I recall long boring history lessons, dictations and complete BLAAAH! I never dreamed that I would end up interpreting the history of Australia’s most infamous Female Factory using my acting skills (after secondary school I headed off to a London Drama College!).

So, I can imagine how I would have reacted to Louisa’s Walk as a child. I would have loved it! It seems that most of the older kids and teenagers who come to experience Louisa’s story feel the same.

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