Hope Springs Eternal.

At the risk of being overly philosophical, what would our life be if we could not hope? There is a line in Louisa’s Walk which says: ” I dared to HOPE”. This, in the context of the Nursery Yard when Louisa is hoping (against hope) that her baby will live (despite the odds against). What is it about Louisa’s Walk that so stirs people’s emotions? I can’t answer that because it will be different for each one who experiences her story but, I dare to suggest it is because her plucky character “hopes against hope”.

What has stirred me to write about “Hope” today? It is the sight of the Spring bulbs poking up through the grass at the top of the Cascades Gardens, where we start Louisa’s Walk. In a few weeks these bulbs will be a carpet of gold daffodils and narcissus heralding another Spring. It is also the sight and smell of the glorious wattle blossom in the bush along the Rivulet and the cultivated kind in gardens. What a beautiful time of year! Surely Spring is the greatest reminder of “Hope”?

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