Lauderdale Primary Visits the Cascades Female Factory

Ask any tourism operator and they will tell you that times are hard.  The strong Australian dollar and more austere times in general, have meant a tightening of the market there is no doubt.  Because Louisa’s Walk is such a small operation, it hasn’t really impacted on us that much but, even so, we have been grateful for the number of local schools who have finally discovered us.  June was a pretty thin month tourist number wise but we took plenty of primary schools on our Primary School Performance.

Without exception middle school- aged children find Louisa’s Walk engaging – it is after all storytelling and who doesn’t enjoy a good story told well?  What the children may not realise is that they are absorbing facts as well!  We were very thrilled yesterday after taking a group of tourists on the full length version of Louisa’s Walk, when a mother doubled back and told Chris that her son was autistic and that this was the first time he had paid attention for two hours solid!

Today, we had the pleasure of sharing Louisa’s story with Lauderdale Primary’s two Grade Four classes.  We had set off from our home in Blackmans Bay with some trepidation as the wind was blowing a gale.  However, when we arrived at the Cascades car park there was hardly a breath of wind and we spent a really enjoyable hour with the students in gentle sunshine.  They had gone to a lot of effort to dress up and look the part and were very well behaved.

After we came out of character at the end of the story Chris had to explain why we had to tell students not to touch the walls.  He explained that the Cascades Female Factory is now a World Heritage site and that we must leave no footprint if possible.  Respect for our past is something that is growing in Australia as we build our history.

Grade Four Lauderdale Primary School

Lauderdale Primary School's Grade Four Classes Enjoy Louisa's Walk

Dressed for Louisa's Walk

Some Lauderdale Students with Chris in their Costumes

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