Little Gem.

We meet interesting people on Louisa’s Walk – no doubt about that.  It’s a quality experience and tends to attract those who are looking for something a little different.  We are part of Great Expeditions Top 4 Tours which means that Samuel McLennan from Great Expeditions will take you on the Top 4 things to do in Hobart.  This maybe considered subjective but, we think, Sam’s nailed it.  He will pick you up from your hotel or cruise ship wharf and take you out to the Bonorong Wildlife Park.  He will then take you to Richmond for lunch.  After lunch it’s up to the Cascades to experience  Louisa’s Walk and then up to Mount Wellington (where I believe he offers Tasmanian wine and cheeses – mmmm!).

The Top 4 is proving popular (and why not?).  Last week Sam phoned to say that he would be bringing two Irish women called Anita and Birdie as part of The Top 4 on Louisa’s Walk.  I booked them in.  The next day I w as reading the Mercury (our Hobart daily newspaper) over breakfast and I noticed an article with a photograph about a play called Little Gem with a cast of three Irish women about to open at our lovely Theatre Royal for two nights.  Two of the names were Anita and Birdie!  This had to be too much of a coincidence?  Sure enough it was two of the actresses from the cast.  Now I don’t usually get nervous before performing Louisa’s Walk but, I tell you the pressure was on, knowing I was not only taking two Irish women but, two Irish actresses!

Anita and Birdie were lovely and it was a pleasure to share Louisa’s story with them.  They cried (and laughed) in all of the right places as good actors should!  Better still they offered to get us tickets for the show that Friday night!  We went along to our lovely Theatre Royal with Samuel from Great Expeditions last Friday and had a wonderful time.  Little Gem is the name of the play and it is aptly named because it was magnetic, with performances from all three of the women, that had us glued to our seats.  Little Gem is human,personal and entirely enthralling.  It’s going to Sydney next.  Catch it if you can!Irish Actors Come on Louisa's Walk

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