Live History Productions Searches for the Tasmanian Tiger!

We don’t just perform Louisa’s Walk and Her Story you know! Yes,they are our daily performances ,but our business, Live History Productions can be commissioned to create and perform other stories about our history. Our latest play is called Earning Your Stripes – the Search for the Tasmanian Tiger and has been commissioned by the Tiger Trail Festival. 

A group of Central Highland communities has got together to put the area on the map and have come up with the idea of the Festival taking place over the  21st,22nd and 23rd of September.  Each participating town in the Central Highlands area is contributing a special event and our play is to be Ellendale’s  contribution.

Last weekend we went up to have a look at the performance space in the lovely and well equipped Ellendale Hall.  If it’s cold over the weekend there will be a lovely wood heater keeping us all toasty warm.

We will be performing Earning Your Stripes  3 times on Sunday 23rd at 11a.m, 1 p.m and 3 p.m

Lots more about the well-planned and diverse events of the Tiger Trail Festival  later but, in the meantime here’s the cast of the play in rehearsal.

Tiger Trail Festival. an Event Not to be Missed.

The Cast in Rehearsal.

From Left Colin Dean, Judith Cornish and Chris Cornish

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