“Live History!” Visits Oatlands

We are getting quite excited here at Live History! Considering it’s still early in the season, “Louisa’s Walk” is doing really well, quite good numbers most days and rarely a day with no bookings (our days off!). Apart from that, we are off to the Oatlands Spring Festival this coming Sunday October 18th. We have been commissioned by their council’s tourism department to write a play about Oatland’s history. They already have an excellent book called “Skullduggery – Forgery for Fools” which incorporates Midland history with a great game and Chris was able to use this as his main resource for our play.

The result is “Wild Oatsland” a saucy romp about a young convict woman called Selina Turner (played by Jane Binning) in reluctant cahoots with the forbidding Mrs Dudfield (played by me) taking on, the rather thick, Constable James (played by James Casey) with Chris taking any linking roles. Apparently, the ancient art of forgery was rampant in Oatsland during that time and the play will largely focus on these “queer rags”, as the pound notes were colloquially known. Selina will arrive (unless there is an emergency, necessitating the presence of the local police car, elsewhere) in the local police car. ( “Romps” are allowed a lot of dramatic license! ) Audience interaction is expected and required and our experience in “Louisa’s Walk” street theatre, where anything can be thrown at us, will no doubt carry us through.

We will be performing “Wild Oatsland” twice at the Festival at 10.30 a.m. and 2 p.m. If you are planning on attending the Festival (and if you are not – why not?) don’t miss one of our performances.

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