Living History, Hobart Theatre? How to explain Us?

We took a large group of Tasmanian Travel and Information staff from the various regional Visitor Centres on Louisa’s Walk today. Three new staff members from the Hobart Centre also joined us plus a couple of bona fide tourists from Queensland. We are always particularly pleased to give our gatekeepers, working at the coal face of tourism, a Louisa’s Walk experience. This is partly because we are very proud of what we do and we know we have something to showcase but, more importantly, people need to do Louisa’s Walk to be able to sell it. We have tried all manner of descriptive paragraphs to attempt to encapsulate what we do but we so often hear ” We didn’t really know what to expect”. I suspect this is partially because Louisa’s Walk is very unique and to our knowledge no-one else is doing what we do in Australia. “Strolling Theatre” is on our brochures (designed by my son, Sam Smee – thanks Sam!). Chris suggested the other day that perhaps “Guided Play” is a better descriptor. Where does it stop being a play and become a guided tour, for it has elements of both? See what I mean – it’s very hard to categorise or describe. This is why we need staff, who are going to sell us, to come and experience what we do because only then can they tell others. This morning’s group were great they laughed a lot (in all the right places) and they cried – even one or two who had been before and knew what to expect. We are proud to tell you that of all the Hobart attractions the Visitor Centre’s staff could do, the one they unanimously elected was Louisa’s Walk – Yay!

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