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Sad but true – locals are not terribly interested in what’s on their own doorstep! As mentioned in a previous post, we have recently returned from a great holiday in Port Macquarie. Apart from enjoying wonderful weather (we came back with mid-winter tans!) we “did” all the touristy things, including most of their history attractions – it’s what you do when you’re on holiday. If it were not for the fact that at “Live History – Louisa’s Walk” we interpret the history of Tasmania for a living, it is doubtful that we would have visited half the historic places in Tasmania that we have. As it is, we have become fascinated with anything to do with Tasmania’s history – it is a rich and compelling tapestry.
Ask most locals where the Female Factory is & what it is and you would get a variety of answers, most of them incorrect. Many would walk through Degraves Street with, perhaps, some awareness of the site and its past but no great desire to explore this further. Whilst a few locals do express an interest and have visited us at “Louisa’s Walk”, the majority of our audience are from interstate or are international visitors. However, when this pattern changes is when locals have visiting friends or relatives – known in the industry as “V.F.R.”. This is when locals come & visit us and “do” all the local attractions and very welcome you are!
The above is not a criticism it is just an observation; most of us locals “do” the attractions when we have a friend or relative to show them off to!
So, welcome all of you Tasmanians with “Visiting friends and relatives”. Come and learn about your local history, particularly the part that women have played in shaping it. Expect to be educated, entertained and informed as the “Louisa’s Walk” actors take you back to the 1840’s and play out Louisa’s story. Laughter and tears and a roller coaster ride of emotions lie in store for you as her story engages you. Storytelling – it’s the oldest form of entertainment known to mankind – Judith and Chris at “Louisa’s Walk” are experts in the craft, come and see for yourself.

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