Louisa’s Walk Fire Fund Raiser

With the horror of the Bush Fires in Victoria leaving the rest of the country reeling last month, Chris and I thought about how we could best help. Individually, we thought we could send some cash but then – inspiration, why not a Louisa’s Walk Fire Fund Raiser? We decided to do it sooner rather than later and on Saturday February 21st that is what we did. I spent the week sending emails out to as many networks as I could and also publicised it in our local paper and on the radio. So many locals have still not experienced Louisa’s Walk, like all of us, we don’t value or have a lot of interest in, what is on our doorstep.

However, I am happy to report that on the day we got twenty people, a mixture of visitors to our State plus many locals. It didn’t matter where they came from, all ticket sales went through to the Fund Raiser. We had a great Show and knowing that it was going to this cause made us all feel good. The next day when I attended my Uniting Church they were joining in the National Day of Mourning for the fire victims. As we stood shoulder to shoulder singing “The Great Southland” there were few dry eyes. Many people came and gave me further donations and afterwards the leader of the Service decreed that there would be a plate at the door for further donations. All together we raised $ 855.00 for the Appeal. Someone told me that if I donate it through Rotary then the Tasmanian State Government will match it dollar for dollar. This I have done.

We may be small but every little bit helps. If everyone does what they can and gives what they can we can change the world!

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