Louisa’s Wildlife Park

Sometimes Louisa’s Walk feels more like a wildlife park tour!   As we walk back up through the lovely Cascade Gardens, the main story is told and it’s more of a guided tour as we return our visitors to their cars outside the Cascade Brewery.  Many stop and take photos as the view looking back up towards the brewery and to Mount Wellington, is stunning.

I posted in an earlier blog about the spring ducklings we saw.  They have now grown into very handsome, fully fledged birds.  More seem to have survived than in most years (they have many predators including the forest ravens).  There is a trio of these young ducks who have become remarkably tame, they have discovered that if they hang around the picnic tables at the top of the park they get fed – smart birds!  So, now they associate groups of people with food and Louisa’s Walk audiences are being treated to a trio of ducks waddling into the  scene.

The other day when I was performing with Colin Dean we were in the Magistrates Court (a serious scene) when with a waddle and a quack the trio arrived.  Sometimes, It is very hard to keep a straight face as I have said before.

The photograph below was taken at a time when it was more appropriate for Louisa to produce a camera – on the way back up.


Ducking Through.

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