MONA Chases Louisa’s Walk!

Competition is a strange thing isn’t it?  We’re really proud of being the top listed Hobart attraction on the TripAdvisor web site (and if you don’t know about TripAdvisor then you should – it’s a great travel web site that gives traveller’s honest reviews about places they’ve stayed and things to do).  For the last three years, Louisa’s Walk has been the number one rated thing to do in Hobart on TripAdvisor.  It brings us heaps of visitors – so much so, that we’ve decided to stop all hard- copy advertising this year.

With sixty reviews – most of them glowing and some so good we want to frame them (!) we have been fairly confident about staying at number one.  However, there is a new kid on the block; MONA the Museum of New and Old Art which opened last January, is hot on our heels and do you know, we don’t care a fig?  MONA is an amazing place, controversial, inspiring, beautiful  – what more can I add?  Chris and I feel so proud that, thanks to the generosity and vision of David Walsh (MONA’s founder) Tasmania (that teardrop on the bottom of the world) has a museum/gallery to equal anything you would find in Europe.

Today we took out just two on Louisa’s Walk (winter numbers sometimes necessitate that).  The other half of their party was off to MONA.  The day will come, quite soon we expect, when MONA overtakes us as the number one attraction on the TripAdvisor site and we shall hooray and drink a glass of champagne with the best of them!

Louisa’s Walk started with just us, a NEIS grant and our creativity.  We are so proud of what we have created and so grateful to you – all those of you who have bothered to leave a review on TripAdvisor or our own site to tell us what experiencing Louisa’s story has meant to you.

To be overtaken by a multi-million dollar enterprise like MONA, won’t bother us at all, in fact we will feel very proud that we are up there with such vision and innovation.  I find it interesting that two such diametrically opposed ventures, one so expensive and the other so “smell-of-an-oil-rag” should be vying for top position.  What does it say about people’s responses?

We know that Louisa’s Walk touches peoples’ souls and spirits and that’s good enough for us.

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