Our First School’s Visit for 2011.

Many schools enjoy hearing Louisa’s story and, if you read our School’s Page you will see that we offer a Primary School performance as well as The Old School which comes to you!  Last Thursday, Collegiate brought two of their grade five classes.  The girls had made a great effort to dress up and looked fantastic in mob caps, shawls and long skirts (I suspect Mum’s wardrobe had been raided!).  The weather was kind to us, buses arrived on time and we got off to a good start.

The girls were a delight and were totally engaged, they helped raise the sails, drop the anchor, do the patchwork and all of the interactive things we ask them to do which makes students feel a part of our Living History.  In Yard One itself, they lined up for the parade where one is chosen to be a servant (or not), they rang the bell in the Chapel and helped with the washing in the Kitchen Yard.  All the usual things we do to help engage their interest.

Afterwards, at question time, we talked about the Rajah Quilt and their teacher said the girls had made a paper quilt at school.  She said that the quilt showed their feelings on each square.  She had asked the girls to imagine what the women’s feelings would have been as they were being transported out here and the girls had depicted this in the middle of each square.  What a great idea.  Thanks for sending the photo, Angela!

Living History making our history come alive in an engaging way.

A Paper Quilt

A Paper Quilt Made by Collegiate Students

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