Somerset College – Sixth Year Running to Louisa’s Walk.

What colour will their Beanies be this year?

In our first year of running Louisa’s Walk we took a lovely family out during the Summer who were so impressed with our drama they said they would recommend it to their children’s school.  That school was Somerset College from the Gold Coast and they make a Year 6/7 Winter visit to Hobart every year.  They come, amongst other things, hoping to see snow on Mount Wellington.  A lot of these kids have never seen snow.

The school dresses appropriately for our much cooler temperatures and one of their signature items of clothing is a coloured beanie, printed with the student’s name (or nickname) on the front.  Each year it’s a different coloured beanie.  The teachers say the beanies are also useful to help identify which are their students in a crowd.

This year marked the school’s sixth visit to us at Louisa’s Walk ( we have been running seven years now).  All up they bring four classes (over a hundred students).  They split up and we take half at a time in two shows, back-to-back.

Our annual date with Somerset College occurred yesterday.  The weather was warm with a slight drizzle as we waited outside the Cascade Brewery for  their coaches to arrive. Our apologies but we don’t think we are going to be able to serve snow this year!

As ever, the kids were just great, even in such large numbers they were engaged and attentive and happy to help with washing, bell ringing and the other interactive parts of our drama.

And the Beanies?  They were black!


 Asking Questions in the Drizzle.

A Moist Day for Somerset College's 6th Visit to Louisa's Walk

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