Spring is Just Around the Corner!

We had some brave visitors from the Gold Coast today. Hobart’s temperature was ten degrees if that. The drizzle held off – just. However, as I trotted off down the path ready to start Louisa’s Walk for what must be the 750th time, my eyes were distracted by the promise of Spring. Just under the plane trees where we finish up, thousands of bulbs, planted by Hobart City Council’s dedicated band of gardeners, are just beginning to bud. It is always the promise of hope that makes us, as human beings, feel encouraged and, this sight today, did just that. I imagined that, in a few week’s time, the spot will be alive with colour and something to behold.

We have just returned from our annual break which, this year, we spent in sunny Port Macquarie. I still have a tan but it is fading fast. One of the things about going away on holiday, is that it makes you appreciate where you live. Whilst we loved the sunshine, the beaches and the friendly people of Port it is wonderful to be back in familiar territory. Hobart is a beautiful place and we love the work that we do, bringing history alive for locals and tourists alike. Yes, the grey skies were lowering today, the temperature a chilly ten degrees or even less, but the history and the beauty of our buildings withstand the winter just as they have done for over two centuries.

Experiencing Louisa’s Walk in less than ideal conditions, brings home to our audience a starker reality than the sunny days. The Cascades Female Factory was not sited to catch the sun. The high, stone, surrounding walls blocked out any sun that did shine. Being a female convict was grim, cruel and without any form of comfort. Visitors to Louisa’s Walk, in winter, can better identify with conditions than on the bright, sunny days. The Hobart Rivulet is cascading down the mountain, at present, adding a dramatic touch to the already beautiful surroundings. And,at the conclusion to Louisa’s Walk, the beautiful, spring bulbs promise HOPE – something the convict women hardly dared to dream about. Looking for something to do in Hobart on a winter’s afternoon? Try Louisa’s Walk – as our visitors said today “You’ve made a dull day seem bright!”.

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