Teaching Tour Guiding at the Tasmanian Polytechnic.

Our business name is Live History Productions and, as you would expect, our aim is to bring history to life.  We do that, mainly, via our core business Louisa’s Walk and, lately Her Story. We have other strings to our bow in terms of income streams, performing plays at other venues, about other aspects of history, being one of them.  Another, is instructing others in the basics of tour -guiding and public speaking.  With more than twelve years in the tourism industry and with a  course at a London drama school under my belt, I am more than qualified to deliver this.

So, around once-a-year I find myself spending two days in the classroom at the Tasmanian Polytechnic here in Hobart instructing prospective tour guides in the art of tour guiding.  Last week I delivered my annual sessions and was privileged to meet 16 delightful, students all of whom hold a passion for this lovely State of ours.  When you have a passion for something you want

We Exercise our Facial Muscles in "Lion's Roar"

The Lion's Roar Facial Exercise Encourages Clear Speech.

to tell others about it and that is what these students long to do.

We did everything from vocal exercises to storytelling.  There was lots of laughter and some honest sharing of feelings, hopes and dreams.

Did you know that the most common fear is having to speak in public?  There is a feeling that most people would rather be the one lying in the coffin than the one giving the eulogy!  There are tricks of the trade to get over this but the best advice is simply, to practice.  Once you speak in public a few times and realise it wasn’t the end of the world, you know your fears are groundless.

I was so impressed with the 16 students I met.  We had lots of fun and I know that they  will all follow their hearts and  their dreams to become the best they can be, whatever path they take.


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