Teased into thinking it’s Spring?

The last week or two has been glorious, springlike weather.  Our warmest day was 22 degrees last week! It makes our job at Louisa’s Walk very much more pleasant which goes without saying.  We have had a few exciting things happen just lately so this blog post will be a mixed bag of information.  A couple of weeks ago some students from the Film and Television School at the Launceston Polytechnic campus came down to  film Chris and I for a television program screening this Sunday on Southern Cross T.V at 5 p.m.  The students have been given the task of providing a five minute spot on this program which showcases some things to do around our state.  Today, we received the DVD of the footage they shot and it’s very good indeed!  It will be great to have this aired on Sunday and to get Louisa’s Walk and the fascinating Female Factory World Heritage Site more coverage.

Last year I landed a part in the film Convict Women produced by an Irish film company. My scenes were shot at Shene the amazing homestead just past Pontville whose Gothic stables provided the backdrop to the “Dublin” based part of the film.  I remember it was a very hot day and we borrowed the Louisa’s Walk umbrellas from my car to shield actors and crew from the hot sun!  Today I received a link to the film and was able to see some still shots which include the Iron Collar – just Google Convict Women and it should come up for you. I am not sure when the documentary series will be released here but I will let you know via this blog.

Today I got our Tourism Award submission into the graphic designer (Paul Noble at Noble Ink) who will work his magic on the document and thrash it into submission.  To all tourism operators out there who are entering the Tourism Awards this year – good luck!  It’s an awful lot of work and being such a small 2 person business we haven’t got spreadsheets and other data to glitter and impress but we do our best with Louisa’s Walk and continue to be very proud of our number one position on TripAdvisor.  Today, we also had our site visit.  It went well despite having only two visitors in the audience but, those small audiences can be so intimate and we enjoy the different dynamic.

We are almost at the point of being able to cast another Louisa to take my place during the busy summer months.  Chris has had  a substitute for some time but we have had trouble finding someone to replace me.  We have two actors interested in the role and I do hope that very soon we will be able to report that she is cast!

Meanwhile enjoy some of the beautiful images of Spring offered by the Cascade Gardens right now.

Srping in the Cascades

Spring Teases us into Her Beauty

 Spring in the Cascade Gardens

A Magnificant Magnolia at the top of the Cascade Gardens

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