“The Old School” and Other Thoughts.

If you read my last post about re-creating a 19th century school room, you will know that “Live History Productions” has a new product ready to bring to schools. As on “Louisa’s Walk” our interactive approach to history engages children (and adults) in a way that other interpretations can’t possibly do.

Today, we delivered the rest of our commission to Kingston Primary School to help them to celebrate their 150th anniversary. The very first class of the day, a Prep/One, had gone to so much trouble to dress up; they looked wonderful! It was fortunate that a reporter/photographer from the Kingborough Chronicle arrived to photograph them as they were too good to miss – talk about photo-opportunities!

In addition to our last week’s classroom decorations, our Union Jack had arrived and we hung it on a small pole in one of the windows. We also started the day with “God Save Our Gracious Queen” which the children had been taught by their teachers back in “real” school. Another slight change to the morning’s activities was that, as I could hear the new classes coming down from their modern campus, I hurried out onto the road and rung the bell at the entrance to the path (passing motorists did a double take as they were taken back in time!). Once again, the children were so quiet and attentive – a few chatty ones in Grades 5/6 had to be threatened with Mr Oldfield’s office but, in general, they were totally engrossed in the experience of being a 19th century student.

If you visit our School’s Page you will see that I have added “The Old School” to our product range. The advantage over the Primary School’s performance of “Louisa’s Walk” is, of course, there are no transport costs involved – we come to you! We are so aware of the budgets that most schools are limited by and we always try to make our performances affordable. We are really excited by this new product in our range and we wonder who will be the next school to request a visit from Mr Oldfield and Miss Thorne?

In The Classroom

A 19th Century Old School Classroom

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  1. Jennie Gouldthorpe
    Posted December 7, 2010 at 3:03 pm | Permalink

    Kingston Primary has been celebrating its 150th Anniversary in 2010. Chris and Judith (as Mr Oldfield and Miss Thorne) helped us bring the original school building to life by leading a role play for students from Prep to Grade 6. We were amazed by the level of engagement in the students and feel sure they will remember the experience as a highlight of the year.

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