Things To do In Hobart?

Are you like me when you visit a new place or city – do you Google “things to do in ……”? At Louisa’s Walk we are thrilled to be rated the number one thing to do in Hobart on the TripAdviser site. So many of our audience members come through that recommendation it’s awesome!
We spent the morning meeting up with two other actors to discuss a new play we will be performing for the Southern Midlands Council at the Oatlands Spring Festival. A read through has been scheduled (our place over a meal) and rehearsal dates discussed. Ability to “do” various accents were tossed around and we are all set, we hope, for another good play bringing the history of Tasmania to life. On your next trip to Tassie, do Louisa’s Walk of course, but also, check out the Festival on the 18th October in the historic Midlands town of Oatlands, and see the Live History team in action!
After this meeting we did some brochure dropping – going around all the B. & B’s and Hotels replacing our old brochures with our new. This is very necessary as we have just, after four years, had a price rise. A ticket to experience Louisa’s story will now cost you $30.00 and a Family Ticket will be $75.00. It’s really important to retrieve all the old brochures, with the old prices, to avoid confusion. On our rounds, we discussed with the various proprietors, the use of the internet as a means of booking and paying for, accommodation and activities, before a holiday, online. I would estimate that around 75% of our business is generated online now. People come in via our web site and Louisa’s Walk is booked, availability checked and then paid for before the holiday has even started. Whilst this has increased the time we spend on the computer, it is also a great means of spreading the word. This time last year, very few of our bookings came through the internet, now so many do. It will be interesting to see what summer brings!

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