Top Ten things To Do in Hobart.

Here, at Louisa’s Walk;we are immensely proud of being rated as the top thing to do on the “TripAdvisor” site. A couple of years ago, one of our audience members asked us if we had seen the “TripAdvisor” site recently? “What’s “TripAdvisor”? ” we asked. We were told that it’s one of the major travel advice sites and that this particular client didn’t do anything without consulting “TripAdvisor”. Okay, we thought, let’s go home & have a look! Well, were we in for an ego-boost! “TripAdvisor” visitors were saying incredibly complimentary things about Louisa’s Walk!!

Since finding out what clients are saying about us, it’s made us a bit coy! There is such a thing as expectations and having to live up to them you know! However, the tall poppy syndrome is something that all success stories have to live up (or down!) to. Yes, people who have done their research and have found out all about us, expect a quality experience but, we believe this is what we deliver at Louisa’s Walk. It is personal and memorable. It is not unusual for us to receive emails some weeks later, from people who have experienced Louisa’s story, telling us how much they have thought about it and the plight of convict women. These emails really get us excited! This is what we are about! To think that we deliver something that is beyond your average tourism experience, something that stays with you & leaves you thinking.

Chris (he’s a boy by the way!) and I are both feminists in the sense that we both believe that women have had a bad trot historically. When you experience Louisa’s story you will feel very strongly that women were delivered an appalling serve. We often talk, on the way back up to the Cascades with our audience members, about the fact that, while it is relatively okay here in the developed world, there are many parts of the world where women are still chattels (or worse). If telling her story makes people think, even a bit, about better ways to treat women today, we have succeeded in achieving something. Let’s do it!!

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