Update on Louisa’s Nature Walks

A while ago I posted a blog called “Louisa’s Nature Walk”. There were tales of a platypus (whom we’ve named “Monty”, he is a monotreme after all) and the dozen or so ducklings waddling around the Cascade Gardens to the delight of our audience. Not so pleasant were the plovers who had nested in Yard One performing dive bombs on me!

It’s time for an update. I have already told you that the plovers have gone, their eggs re-located by Parks and Wildlife but Monty has also decamped! Yesterday, we were unfolding the end of Louisa’s story at the stone seat memorial, where the three gleditsias commemorate the work of the National Council of Women Tasmania, when a man stopped and had a chat to Chris. He told him that Monty has now moved down stream and is now in the pool opposite the Female Factory. We haven’t seen him yet but we will. I have lived on this lovely island for over 35 years and in all that time, have only once seen a platypus in the wild – to see Monty on a regular basis is a thrill!

Sadly, the report on the ducklings is not so positive – only two days after seeing them -their numbers were down to only one and, that one, now gone. They have so many predators and ducks are perhaps not the best of mothers. Ah well – nature can be cruel. But let me tell you about the azaleas at the top of the Cascade Gardens, where we start Louisa’s Walk! Louisa’s story starts off at the very top of the Gardens and, just after I hand you over to Matt, I trot off down the hill ready to start our performance. Just now I am almost blinded by a technicolor haze of beautiful azaleas – so lovely I almost convince myself I am on some psychedelic drug but- I promise I’m not!

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