Wave the Union Jack!

The United Kingdom has been really well represented on Louisa’s Walk in the past week; we had a Scotswoman and an Irish woman in one show and in the afternoon two Welshmen and two English (cue for a bad joke?). Having an Irishwoman present is always a bit taxing on Louisa with her assumed Irish accent. I am the actor who plays her and it reminds me of the first time we presented Louisa’s Walk some two and a half years ago. A group of supportive friends were present for our “test run” and -yes- two paying audience members -who turned out to be Irish (with a name like O’Reilly how could it be otherwise?). Was I nervous or what? Bad enough that it was a first performance but with two genuine Irish sisters to critique the accent!
We survived though and came through with flying colours, Irish accent relatively intact.Now, when partner Chris and I come out of character at the end of the show and assume our everyday voices most people are surprised that I’m not really Irish.
Today we had four Welsh people who came off the cruise ship “Sapphire Princess” which is visiting Hobart, these, plus another two from Sydney made a great group travelling on the tall ship “Rajah”, helping Louisa make her patchwork quilt (well done Tom!) and finally arriving at the grim gates of the Female Factory where the fun and laughter changed to a much more sombre mood. Louisa’s story worked its usual magic and had the group enthralled until that last moving moment when she transports everyone back to the 21st century – we all wiped our tears and prepared for the denouement, the ending but, is it happy or not? I cannot give away all the secrets of Louisa’s Walk that would spoil it for when you come!
Incidentally everyone, the old coin or belt buckle that Louisa found turned out to be an old sisalation fastener. Well it sure had us fooled – perhaps we’ve all been watching too much Time Team?

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