Winter comes Early to the Cascades.

I had intended writing a blog post about the beautiful Autumn colours that  South Hobart and, most particularly, the Cascade Gardens, are displaying at the moment.   This is still true, however, the Autumn hues were rather eclipsed last week by some very early winter weather.  We had snow down to the 500 metre level!  Louisa broke out her sherpa grade, merino long johns, several layers of thermals and generally looked like the Michelin Man she was so rugged up!  Even Chris, who is so much tougher, consented to a thermal and his bluey and gloves.

Our numbers have dropped dramatically since Easter and we are back to those lovely, personal numbers that people who  come on Louisa’s Walk during the off season, so enjoy.  Some people are looking for perfect weather to enjoy the Walk but it just isn’t possible!  If you are well rugged up you will get much more of a sense of what it was like for  those convict women of long ago, than if you come on a mild, sunny day.  We don’t go out if it’s absolutely bucketing down but if there’s a bit of rain around, we provide you with big umbrellas and you will stay dry (we get wet!)

So, come on enjoy Louisa’s Walk for what is left of the Autumn and on into our Winter.  It can’t be any worse, or colder than last week and we survived!

Beautiful Autumn Colours

Winter Comes Early to Hobart!

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  1. Yvonne
    Posted June 8, 2011 at 3:57 pm | Permalink

    To Judith and Chris,
    Our school has been offering Tasmania as a destination, on alternate years, to our senior school students. Our visits have always been successful, due mostly to the historical sites and the activities that Tasmania offer. This year in March we returned with a group of 60. The staff are always interested in the history focus for our students, but we also want them to experience this in a memorable way. After finding the link to Louisa’s Walk on the internet, contact was made with Judith, so that we could arrange a time to fit into what was an already a busy schedule. Judith was flexible with times and willingly agreed adapt her performance to meet the needs of our students. The concentration and involvement of the students and staff during the walk was an indication of the success of the performance by Chris and Judith. One of staff members enjoyed his role of gaol guard far too much! When the students returned to school they requested walking Maths and English classes, just like Louisa’s Walk!
    Thank you to Chris and Judith for their enthusiasm and dedication to the education of this next generation. I recommend Louisa’s Walk as a necessary item on the itinerary for all schools visiting Tasmania. A great way to learn!

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