Winter Welcomes You On Louisa’s Walk!

It’s a fact that Winter is chilly down here in Hobart – let’s call a spade a spade! Today, we saw the first sprinkling of snow on our majestic Mount Wellington. Strictly speaking we still have a week or so of Autumn to go but Winter is definitely beckoning around the corner.

However, visitors from Queensland and other warmer states love the cooler climate, what’s that they say about a change being as good as a holiday? So now, on Louisa’s Walk we are well rugged up – I haven’t quite broken out the thermals (I ‘ve got to have somewhere to go for when the temperatures really plummet!) but scarves and gloves were on today. We had an unusual day: we had a call this morning from a family who had seen an old brochure at their accommodation which still advertised us as doing a 10.30 performance in the morning. Well, we stopped morning performances well over a year ago! However, as this delightful family numbered six, we were more than happy to put on a special show just for them (happy birthday Caroline again!) and this enabled Nick to catch his afternoon plane. The beauty of winter when we are much slower is we can be a lot more flexible with our times and we are happy to put on a special “Command Performance” for 4 or more at any time of the day. We also had visitors booked on our regular 2 p.m. Show, so it was a busy day.

Last year we took off to lovely Port Macquarie for five weeks during July. This year we are allowing ourselves two weeks in Alice Springs staying with our circus performer friends, Cookie and Sarah from Circosis. We leave on June 16th and return on July 1st so, if you are hoping to come on Louisa’s Walk during that time – our apologies but we need a holiday too! This means that we will be open for most of the Winter months, sharing the experience with those long-ago convict women, of the bitter cold and damp of the South Hobart valley known as the Cascades.

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