Her Story

Mary James is Sent to the Infamous Crime Yard

Her Story has replaced the much loved and Award Winning  Louisa’s Walk; it takes place entirely around Yard One of the Female Factory and lasts for just forty five minutes. Her Story leaves from the Visitor Centre of the Cascades Female Factory Historic Site at 12 Noon. Not available on Saturdays May – September.

Since January 2012, Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA) have taken over the running of the Cascades Female Factory and have developed a strong relationship with us at Live History Hobart. I love the word “symbiotic” and I think it describes what we have developed with PAHSMA – we supply the script and the talent and they supply the marketing and other support. So, you will be seeing quite a lot of advertising for Her Story in the weeks to come.

Her Story tells the tale of Mary James (not her real name) who was convicted in 1832 for stealing a square of silk. She got seven years. She came out on the transportation ship the Frances Charlotte in 1833.

Her Story brings the site to life by connecting with the audience’s emotions.  It is not unusual to see people wiping away a tear at the end of the performance!

"When you are in this place you do not speak!"

Bookings and further information:

Phone the Cascades Female Factory on 03 62 336656.

The Outer Wall of the Cascades Female Factory